The Desecration of Existence

by Bind the Sacrifice

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released February 11, 2017

Mixed/Mastered by Erik Stacy



all rights reserved


Bind the Sacrifice Chicago, Illinois

Progressive deathcore out of the bowels of Chicagoland. Drop a question on us at or direct message us on facebook. Hope ya'll enjoy!

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Track Name: Obfuscate
Humans deplete everything the world needs, what we excrete helps heat and turn our world into an inferno. Our maternal earth has been stripped of her internals. Mortal man seems to think he’s sempiternal, existence obviously means nothing. Choking the life from this planet, humanity has nothing left to bleed.
Track Name: Consume
Gasping while screaming, slit open and bleeding; crunching and panting is all I can hear. Grasping around me, my vision is fleeting. They draw near. I am pursued by the creatures draped in flesh, from blackened skies their milky eyes seek the sight of death. Hunting the weak, nothing can sleep. Gurgles and shrieks, humans are slaughtered like sheep. True fear has come in the darkest ways, humanity disappears with every passing day.
Pain unlike any sense that I have ever felt, hiding amongst these limbs, terrified I’m not myself. I fight the hunger but I feel it overtaking me… Oh my god, am I sick, or is this just reality? My eyes have died. I’m compelled to devour this viscera. I must consume flesh… I must feed on death. We have consumed all, we too must be consumed. Death shall be rewarded, balance has been restored. I have become God. I have become God.
Track Name: Eridian (Remastered)
Behold the master race that now breathes through statues that were left behind, structures, illuminated throughout time. Relics left to praise a lost race, these rocks breed change for all mankind. Without their knowledge, we know nothing at all. We are the shadow. We are the shadow: bow. They are infinite. Get down on your knees, now you know subservience. We can never be compared to the greater ones. Get down on your knees. Weep at the excellence of the Gods that have made us. Praise the sky that they came from. Breath, breath in their air. We have met with a force greater than our own, pay for your insolence. We have unlocked a door they meant to seal away, now in the end of days, we know what the fuck we’ve done. We are nothing more than time. Behold the master race and all that they had known.
Bastardize the ancient ruins of the ones that we have made our Gods.
Track Name: Parasitic Breed
We are the bastard offspring of a weak and dying god, betrayed by our own prophets. Betrayed by our own God. Decrepit and depraved, we crawl through the mud. Primal and base, we’re bread for the slaughter. Man is weak. Man is weak.
Bleed for the deity who doesn’t care. Shed the widow’s tears, in the name of your faith. Send the pawns all to their deaths as they grovel, looking down at the dirt instead of up at the problem. Disgusting, putrid, narcissistic, nihilistic, shell of a society; breathing in corruption, exhale putrid waste. Our time has come. Our time has come. Fuck.
Irrational hate seeps from its carapace. The destruction is spreading.
Irrational pain is the misery of the parasitic breed.
Everything dies. Life is given, then erased: insignificant was the breed of Man.
Track Name: The Nameless Atrocity
What a waste of time with all the drugs and therapy, when I was coping with a life that was never guaranteed. Death comes, even for the innocent, the last breath always comes a bit too soon. Haze falls as the world evaporates, weightless I watch my body die.
Fields on fields of lifeless corpses. Fields on fields of slaughtered vermin. Nameless, they died like the rest.
Fields on fields of lifeless corpses. Fields on fields of slaughtered vermin. Nameless, I’ll die like the rest.
No remnants of my existence but an empty stare and a cold and rotting form. Blood soaked bodies lay beneath the blackened skies. I’ll become lifeless in a field of open eyes.
“Lord hear me now, though I can’t call out your name: save me from this bitter cold and save me from this pain.
Lord hear me now though I can’t call out your name: save me from this bitter cold and save me from this pain… I am suffering lain atop this hill, bodies on bodies until his bidding was fulfilled.”
Empty vessels lay still with icy veins; taking with them to the grave, all of their forgotten names
[Sean Kebby]: And the prophecy comes to fruition, the maggots feast on the carrion of the human kind.
Christ never came, so we were never saved. No one ever thought that we would see this day. Light fades as my conscious state leaves me.
None care as the last man alive breathes his last breath. Taking with him to the grave all of their forgotten names. Taking with him to the grave, all of their forgotten names.
Track Name: Devoid of Existence
Everything that lives becomes nothing more than waste and dust. Put your faith in wasted trust, now you must embrace disgrace and give into your primal lust. Give in to primal instincts. Meaningless morals keep us weak. Now seep their screams and let this world be free of life. This world will see no light.
Devoid of life, earth stands still in time. [5x]
Track Name: Desecrator (Remastered)
We have unlocked a secret deep within the earth. An arcane power breathes. A dark being awakens far beneath the ground to bring his judgment forth unto the cretins.
Inhuman, disgusting parasites. The clouds go black as I ascend. Bring forth your God: summon him on your knees. I will rain fire and death down on all, I will end this world. I will see the sun torn down from the sky. I am become Death.
There will be hopelessness when my reign is installed. Watch the sky as it falls, as the night erases Earth.
“What have we done? I’m bleeding out from the inside.
What have we awakened in the earth? We’re fucking dead on the inside.
What have we done? We’re bleeding out from the inside.
What have we awakened in the earth? We’re fucking dead on the inside.”
Feel my gaze as the sun burns black. Earth shall burn.
Track Name: Colossus
The foundations of life crumble around me. The very fabric of space and time dissolves within my mind, rending flesh from the bone. Breath in the cursed air that pollutes the skies. Look around in despair, your lives have led you all to no-where. Witness now the desecration of your very existence.
Permeate the void with your dying race.
The corpses rot as your planet begins to die. The Colossus breathes within the waves of time. The Colossus breathes.